At Trend Kitchen, the menu can change daily based on the availability of ingredients and the chef’s desire to create something new on the spot. We don't have a walk-in cooler to store a bunch of ingredients on site. Instead, we have a few small coolers and a tiny freezer that's only used for house-made ice creams. This guarantees that we always have the freshest ingredients in-house and can highlight the best seasonal ingredients on our menus. 

Our chef's don’t confine themselves to a specific menu, and love the excitement of building new dishes around super fresh ingredients that local farmers drop off daily. 

The kitchen, though small, employs advanced cooking techniques such as sous vide cooking, compressing, aerating, and more. Everything is made in-house and cooked to order, so please remember that quality takes time! 

The menu below was updated 8/28/2017

Should you have a special request please let us know a few days prior to your reservation and we can usually meet your desires!